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About Governmental Affairs

The advocacy role of the Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership (SCCDP) centers around three key components: educating its members, building relationships, and making Seward County more politically relevant as a strong regional business community. To accomplish a successful advocacy program, SCCDP has developed a Government Affairs Program which focuses on the support and fulfillment of the Seward County Vision Statement 2035. The Program is led by the SCCDP President & CEO, Community Affairs Director, and the Business and Government Affairs Working Group.

As Seward County’s sole economic development corporation, the SCCDP acts as the voice for local business and are committed to ensuring a favorable economic, legal, and regulatory climate for the Seward County business community. Our advocacy mission is to publicly support policies that will protect our member business needs and facilitate economic growth and development in our region and state.

At all levels of government, well-intentioned initiatives often have unintended consequences. Without input from the local business community, these initiatives could adversely impact the ability of businesses to stay healthy, generate jobs, and contribute to the overall quality of life in Seward County. However, when business leaders communicate with their elected officials, better public policies result.

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