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For the last five years, Milford resident and Seward County Commissioner Misty Ahmic wondered why Seward County doesn’t have a day or week dedicated to fundraising for local projects. Throughout the year, Ahmic finds herself attending barbecues, bake sales, and other gatherings to support local organizations – which are enjoyed by the people who attend, but don’t always reach the broader community of individuals willing to give. 

“People will give money if asked,” said Ahmic. “The question was ‘how is it that we can put that ask in front of everyone?’ and [Seward County Gives] is a way to do that.”   

Once the idea of Seward County Gives was planted, the next step was to figure out who the right fiscal agent and manager would be for the organization. After a few short conversations, the Nebraska Community Foundation connected Ahmic with the Legacy Fund for Seward County. After attending their board meeting in September, the Legacy Fund was immediately interested and ready to help.   

Seward County Gives has its own decision-making board, consisting of Seward County residents from communities across the county and one representative from the Legacy Fund. Each person brings different strengths and ideas to the group as they develop this from the ground up.  

Together this board created the Seward County Gives mission statement: Seward County Gives seeks to bring us together as one cohesive community during a week-long giving campaign designed to increase funding and awareness for local nonprofit and civic projects. 

“First and foremost, I think [Seward County Gives] will educate individuals about what is happening in our county,” commented Ahmic. “So many people don’t know what Foster Friends does or that Pleasant Dale doesn’t have an ambulance. Besides the money aspect of this event, let’s educate everyone – our neighbors, friends, family on what is happening in Seward County.”   

There are many ways for individuals to get involved with this event. Visit to view all participating non-profits and organizations and learn about their projects. Share the news of this event with anyone. Even a quick Facebook share makes a difference. Give during the May 1st – 5th event – every dollar matters; $10.00 goes a long way! 



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