Memorial Health Care Systems

Memorial Hospital opened its doors in September of 1950. Memorial Hospital has evolved into Memorial Health Care Systems which includes a 24-bed critical access designated hospital with three rural health designated clinics, a retail pharmacy and small assisted living. Like health care itself, Memorial Health Care Systems is constantly progressing. From birth to end-of-life, MHCS provides big-city medicine with small-town hospitality…right here at home. When people choose Memorial Health Care Systems critical access hospital, three rural health clinics, retail pharmacy, and assisted living, it’s because of the personalized and exceptional care they receive from the staff.

Our growth and strength are credited to our dedicated team and the continued support and commitment of residents in our area.


As one of the largest employers in Seward County, we employee over 270 healthcare professionals including 9 physicians, 4 physician assistants, 4 registered pharmacists. Memorial Health Care Systems cares for its employees and ensures they have exceptional resources to better care for patients; resources not often found in rural care facilities.

Every person and department are an important part of the services we provide to the community members we serve. We work together as a care team, collaborating with specialists and surgeons visiting MHCS on a daily basis to provide even more services in the area. Our team is all about caring for patients and making sure excellence in health care services continue to be available in rural communities well into the future.


Memorial Health Care Systems has exceeded expectations and national benchmarks. Memorial Hospital has been recognized by the National Rural Health Association for Best Practice Quality, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural health for Performance Leadership, iVantage, Chartis, and Becker’s Hospital Review as a top Critical Access Hospital.

The team at Memorial Health Care Systems is always working to maintain a culture that emphasizes constantly improving quality, safety, outcomes and service excellence for every patient, every time. Leadership and the board of directors’ team has set a priority to advance major quality and patient safety initiatives and improve communication programs. Patients and families rest assured that we are committed to patient safety, being a strong leader in the community and a safer choice for themselves, their families and loved ones.


Balancing community needs with available resources, we have continued to recruit more providers and add more health care specialties, making it possible to meet and exceed the needs of area residents right here at home. Being able to offer specialty services locally helps us manage patient’s chronic conditions more easily, which improves the overall health of the many communities we serve.

Partnering with our family practice providers are specialists from 17 specialty services brought to Seward on rotation each day through our Memorial Hospital Specialty Clinic. We continue to look for ways to align services with the mission and needs of the community.


We partner with the communities in our area in a variety of ways to support a healthy place to live and raise families. Our commitment to the community impacts all who live and work in Seward County and surrounding areas. Each team member has respect and a strong understanding of the vital service rural health care provides to smaller communities. Much like Seward County, Memorial Health Care Systems continues to grow and develop. The benefits of MHCS extend far beyond the physical walls of the hospital. Investment in health is the investment in the local economy and MHCS is an anchor to Seward County. Community members can be proud of their local health system and believe in the care it provides.


Substantial strategic efforts across over 70 years of care have positioned Memorial Health Care Systems to be successful well into the future. We have taken valuable opportunities to ensure Memorial Health Care Systems will continue to serve patients in the region well into the future. Thanks to the hard work of so many MHCS board members and staff, the organization is well aligned to continue to innovate and offer quality care for generations to come.



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