Krieser Drywall and Insulation  

Nathan Krieser remembers going to Kansas City with his family at the age of 6 to help his dad drywall motels. From his earliest memories he remembers helping his dad with his drywall jobs. At the age of 16 he was going and bidding for jobs. People would see him walk up and say, “You are giving us a bid?”  

Krieser continues to give bids to this day, but his company has a bit of a new face. Krieser has grown from being a mere family run organization. The company now has 15 hourly employees and around 10 subcontracting crews.  

It was in 2001-2002 that the company started to grow. In 2010, they added the insulation piece and business took off. Builders like being able to work with one company to install both the insulation and drywall.  

“Business is tremendous,” says Krieser.  

By “tremendous,” Krieser means always busy. He gets anywhere 100+ phone calls a day, constantly having to put out fires. Since the start of COVID, business has not slowed down.  

Along with insulation and drywall, Krieser Drywall and Insulation does metal framing, acoustical ceilings, spray foam, and roof coatings. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the insulation packages they offer, thinking about energy efficiency and the goal to give the customer the best package possible.  

“Insulation – nobody sees it, it’s not that glamorous, like granite countertops, but how long are you going to stay in your house? You cannot do insulation again. You are not going to tear up your drywall again. It’s one thing that will pay you back over your lifetime,” says Krieser.   

One new technology they are offering customers is AeroBarrier, an envelope sealing technology that better seals building air leaks. The goal with insulation is to prevent the house from having any obstruction from the outside. The AeroBarrier blocks the miniscule cracks you may not see with naked eye. Seals everything that you can’t see. One of the few in the Midwest that do it.  

“I really do believe we are one of the best…We do things the right way. There are companies out there that do what is easiest. This is too small of a community not to give the best,” says Krieser.



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